Ancient pendant shaped like Thor’s hammer linked to Britain’s Viking invaders

A PENDANT formed like Norse god Thor’s hammer and unearthed in Norfolk has been linked to Britain’s to start with Viking invaders.

The artefact was produced mostly from silver in the ninth or tenth century.

This ancient Norse silver pendant was declared treasure by a coroner after being discovered in Norfolk


This historical Norse silver pendant was declared treasure by a coroner just after staying identified in Norfolk

But its form usually means specialists believe it was joined to the Viking Fantastic Army, which invaded in 865.

Gareth Williams, a curator at the British Museum, instructed a ­treasure trove inquest: “The presence of Thor’s hammers are largely discovered at internet sites linked with the ­movements of the Wonderful Military. There is absolutely nothing to propose this is not real and of the time.”

The artefact was observed at an undisclosed location in the county in 2016.

Thor, the god of war and fertility, was revered for his power and trustworthiness.

He was reported to wield a wonderful hammer, Mjölnir, which was a common image for Vikings who started raiding and plundering England in 787.

Usually, they have been paid to return but the 3,000-powerful Great Army, also known as the Terrific Heathen Army, arrived to conquer England.

It tore via the region and in 869 executed Edmund, King of East Anglia.

The pendant was declared treasure by coroner Yvonne Blake.

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