Antiques Roadshow guest is stunned at eye-watering value of old Indian painting

AN ANTIQUES Roadshow visitor was still left shocked when he discovered the jaw-dropping benefit of an ancient Indian portray he experienced acquired lots of several years ago.

Through a current episode of the popular television exhibit, the gentlemen was astounded when he discovered the eye-watering price of his item.

The guest brought a famous painting by an Indian artist to be valued


The visitor brought a popular painting by an Indian artist to be valuedCredit score: bbc
The artist utilised knives to sketch out the man's beard in the painting, which was exquisitely sculpted


The artist utilised knives to sketch out the man’s beard in the portray, which was exquisitely sculptedCredit: bbc

It was a portrait by Francis Newton Souza, a popular Indian-American-British artist who’s function was a combine of luxury and primitiveness.

The artwork was of a secret gentleman from Indian background in 1961.

The artist utilised knives to sketch out the man’s beard in the portray, which was exquisitely sculpted.

The visitor explained that he employed to attend to faculty with the artist’s daughters.

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He and his mother purchased the painting in 1970 for just £50.

Presenter Francis Christie examined the item extensively and commented on how “placing” the impression was, incorporating that the visitor was “blessed” to have gotten his hands on 1 of the artist’s portraits.

The qualified continued: “He[ the artist] definitely was one of the most avant-garde artists functioning in London in the 50s.”

She included: “So, if this was to appear up to auction today we would possibly place an estimate in the area of £7000-£10,000.”

The visitor looked stunned, and replied: “Ok. Suitable. Charming.”

Francis smiled at the guest and reminded him of just how lucky he was.

The guest was shocked to learn that the old painting he bought for £50 is worth £7000-£10,000


The guest was shocked to understand that the aged portray he bought for £50 is worthy of £7000-£10,000Credit: bbc

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