At 56 I feel sexier than ever – and I’ve learned the golden rules of feeling good about myself, says Ulrika Jonsson

Females! Ladies! Women! I am the bearer of wonderful news: Ageing is “fab-u-lous”.

Improved nonetheless, it’s a person of the sexiest and most underrated items since sliced bread.

Ageing is the sexiest thing since sliced bread, as celebs like J-Lo prove


Ageing is the sexiest factor given that sliced bread, as celebs like J-Lo establishCredit score: Greg Swales / J Lo Beauty
Ulrika Jonsson says she feels sexier than ever at 56


Ulrika Jonsson says she feels sexier than at any time at 56Credit history: The Sunshine

Granted, sliced bread may well not on the encounter of it appear especially pretty but, as if we necessary reminding, Television and Radio presenter Anita Rani suggests that at 46 she has by no means felt “better, sexier, more powerful and extra energized about the future” than she does now.

She feels empowered by currently being more mature and equipped to do what the hell she wishes.

In limited, as the advised The Sunlight on Sunday’s Fantastic magazine, she’s getting an awakening.

Of course, it is not the bodily magnificence radiating from her that is the most desirable, it’s the natural beauty and strength inside of her that tends to make her so darn attractive and that is at the coronary heart of her new-observed sassiness and self-perception.

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And there can be absolutely nothing sexier, certainly, than a lady who is familiar with what she desires?

It is this — and generally this — that is so attractive, so erotic and so arousing. It radiates and exudes natural beauty and attraction.

I’ve lost depend of the range of adult men who notify me they uncover an older lady far more attractive.

It’s not about me, really.

It’s about the prospect, for them, of staying all around a female who has identified herself, who is able of remaining fearless and unbiased.

It is about acquiring experience, the knowledge of life that ageing provides.

For generations, we’ve been led to imagine that ageing is the ultimate and literal nail in the coffin of what it is to be a female.

Culture has perpetuated the mantra that only young females can be sexy and stunning.

I won’t go quietly

We’ve appeared to youth for seductiveness and temptation and in so performing we have completely overlooked those people of us who are on what has always been regarded to be the improper aspect of 40.

For way too extended we have been witnessed as less beautiful, significantly less fascinating and surely a lot less inviting.

In fact, for generations, those of us above 50 haven’t even been witnessed at all simply because the unpleasant reality is that females “of a specified age” have constantly been sidelined and dismissed.

As quickly as we had served our reason in existence (which was normally supposedly getting little ones), we were being thrown on the rubbish heap or forced to get our purple rinses, don our beige macs and merge into the background of daily life.

And if you hadn’t had young ones, you have been viewed as to have been still left on the shelf.

You just couldn’t get.

But no additional.

Collectively, we are now changing the narrative sur- rounding ageing and at last beginning to personal the lots of gains that come with it.

We are locating our voices, we’re strutting our things, we’re demonstrating off our bodies.

And it’s all since we have come to realise that we are still incredibly a lot alive and kicking.

As I have claimed countless instances in advance of, I, for one particular, am not organized to go quietly into old age.

This could not sit effectively with some.

Many want gals to age gracefully, toe the line and not upset the status quo.

But most of us are identifying there is lifestyle in the old birds yet and we are established to squeeze each and every drop of naughtiness, provocation and titillation out of lifetime that we can.

Primarily mainly because we’ve flaming effectively gained it.

Like Anita, you do not have to have experienced young children to feel liberated by the prospect of suddenly discovering oneself in a more experienced and independent landscape that arrives with age.

It is crystal clear she thinks she is blossoming.

Her marriage of 14 many years arrived to its organic summary and now she feels liberated by the imagined that people know she is solitary.

Anita Rani is going through a personal Renaissance at 46, following her recent split


Anita Rani is going by means of a individual Renaissance at 46, following her recent splitCredit history: Information Group Newspapers Ltd

For quite a few females, that change transpires due to the fact they realise they want a thing else from daily life or, greater even now, they want extra.

You don’t have to have endured youngster bearing and kid rearing to be experienced.

In reality, all those ladies who opt for not to have little ones likely know their minds in a a lot more wilful and created way, for the reason that they’ve been well prepared to challenge the world’s expectation and society’s norms.

I often understood I preferred to have young children and I truly feel blessed that I was equipped to make that happen.

But I just cannot deny there was a extremely robust feeling that ran by way of my thirties and forties that, after I acquired further than boy or girl-bearing age, I may by some means shed my function in life.

But turning 40 was one thing I temporarily relished. It was kinda great to be 40, I believed.

Outwardly, I was not previous enough to be regarded previous it and, inwardly, I experienced a couple a lot more years of information and observe which would stand me in very good stead.

Then came the onslaught of the menopause, which turned my intellect and overall body upside down.

I just about felt that daily life as I knew it was around.

But the most effective point about that sentence is that it truly was. It was like the shedding of a pores and skin, a reawakening and most surely an improve.

Whilst I battled tricky versus the outcomes of the menopause, I have now made a decision, aged 56, that I truly feel sexier than ever.

Easy to say, most likely, but it definitely is the truth. The “sexiness” I’m conversing about doesn’t arrive from an LBD, sexy underwear, weighty make-up or a new fashionable hairdo.

It comes from deep inside. It stems from acknowledging that I now actually know what I want in existence — it is not something that is blurred by the traces of demanding offspring or an inept associate or even a wish to you should other men and women.

No, it arrives from comprehending that I no extended have time for BS in my life.

If it will come in close proximity to me, I dismiss it since, quite frankly, this time is about me.

It’s little marvel, then, that I experienced a sexual revolution in what may be deemed to be the “autumn” of my lifestyle — my fifties.

Not only did I feel sexier, far more fascinating and far more sought after but I was in a posture to act on it mainly because I’d freed myself from the shackles of marriage and nippers.

I’m not suggesting y’all go and crack up your marriages or overlook your young children, but there is some thing extremely liberating about forging a everyday living that is about you, where you enjoy the central position.

And when I would not desire of comparing myself to any other girl on the earth, I know I’m not alone in exploring sexiness in my fifties.

Just feast your mince pies on J-Lo, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry or, my complete crush, Sandra Bullock.

They’ve all bought it in barrelfulls.

I know they’re blessed with loadsamoney, a bevy of assistants, dieticians and PTs, but which is not wherever they get their bewitching hotness from.

It comes from embracing the ageing procedure, acknowledging their bodies for what they have turn into and understanding that their appeal is deeper, a lot more authentic, additional significant and far more thrilling than it was when they had been in their twenties.

Of training course, we have not cared much about how males age.

We’ve accepted that they’re very likely to produce their father bods and their salt-and-pepper hair.

We’re even Ok that they turn out to be grumpy and their require for a mid-daily life crisis, more frequently than not involving rapidly automobiles and young women.

We’ve been much significantly less accepting of girls ageing.

The old adage that, just like fine wines, we women of all ages do get better with age, is really correct, for the reason that we locate our accurate selves and start out on a new journey.

That journey is one of confidence and assertiveness which, in transform, transforms into attract and magnetism.

And, enable me tell you, it is the greatest aphrodisiac out there.

If I could bottle it, it would set Viagra out of enterprise quicker than you can say intercourse attractiveness.

Sandra Bullock is Ulrika's celeb crush


Sandra Bullock is Ulrika’s celeb crushCredit: Getty
50-year-old Heidi Klum is ageing like a fine wine


50-year-outdated Heidi Klum is ageing like a great wineCredit: Instagram/heidiklum
Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is rolling back the years


Attractive Jennifer Aniston is rolling again the decadesCredit history: AFP
Halle Berry has stayed stunning well into middle age


Halle Berry has stayed spectacular properly into center ageCredit rating: Getty

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