Below Deck’s Glenn Admits He ‘Subconsciously’ Favors Gary Over Daisy

During Peacock’s extended model of section 1 of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht period 4 reunion, Captain Glenn weighed in on the assumption that he chooses Gary King about Daisy Kelliher.

In an special clip — shared with Us Weekly in advance of the episode hits the streaming system on Tuesday, July 18 — Andy Cohen asks Daisy if she thinks Glenn “favors” the deck team when it comes to disputes among departments.

“I really don’t feel Glenn favors the deck staff. I consider truthfully — it is a natural detail in yachting — Glenn is more affiliated with the deck staff,” the main stew describes. “He understands it a lot more. Actually, I really don’t imagine he understands my office and that’s Okay. It comes about across various industries.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht s Captain Glenn Admits He Subconsciously Favors Gary King Over Daisy Kelliher 264

Captain Glenn.
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Glenn, for his aspect, admits he may perhaps not be as conscious of what the inside staff is doing the job on.

“I comprehend [what the stews] do. I promise you Daisy has overlooked additional about stewing than I will ever know. And I have a much better plan of what Gary is up to,” the captain states. “I love Gary, he is my man. I consider not to favor him. Perhaps I do subconsciously.”

Previously in the Bravo special, which aired on Monday, July 17, Daisy tackled Glenn’s criticism towards her do the job ethic in year 4.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht s Captain Glenn Admits He Subconsciously Favors Gary King Over Daisy Kelliher 263

Daisy Kelliher.
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

“I have figured out that I am either somebody who demands reinforcement or no remark. I do not deal effectively when I am slumber deprived and getting negative feedback,” she shared. “For me, it just wasn’t effective. I feel [Glenn could have] started with a favourable. For me, the opinions just felt really miniscule and own. It felt irrelevant.”

Glenn, for his aspect, argued that he wasn’t hoping to convey Daisy down when he gave her opinions.

“I really do not want to say Daisy’s defensive, but I believe that was my level when I claimed, ‘I never want you doing work more durable [just smarter].’ Daisy is remarkable and she functions hard,” he detailed. “But I feel there is a way that we can make sure that anyone is there [with the guests]. If not every moment, then in a pair of minutes. Because 15 minutes [waiting for service] is not fantastic. That is the variety of point I want to see advancement on.”

Glenn concluded: “That does not necessarily mean I was not happy all round. I appreciate doing work with Daisy and I would adore to do the job once again with her in the foreseeable future.”

In advance of period 4 started airing on Bravo in April, Daisy hinted that she identified herself at odds with her boss.

“It’s really hard to see it from a different person’s standpoint but I felt like — I really do not know if clash is the proper phrase — but there was a great deal going on. When you have worked collectively around quite a few seasons, this is not the initially time I’ve experienced this,” she solely explained to Us in March about her issues with Glenn. “I’ve experienced this with other captains [too]. They go to me as their appropriate hand gentleman and inquire, ‘Why isn’t this perfect?’ And I’m like, ‘I really do not know, you notify me.’ That kind of transpired a little bit [in season 4], which in hindsight was in all probability a bit expected.”

Portion 2 of the time 4 Underneath Deck Sailing Yacht reunion will air on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 18. Capture the prolonged, uncensored version of component 1 on Peacock tomorrow.

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