Big Brother fans left feeling ‘physically sick’ amid ‘toxic bullying’ row and urge producers to step in

Big Brother admirers have been left emotion “physically ill” and have urged producers to intervene amid promises of bullying in the house.

The conduct of a controversial clique in the CCTV residence has been at the heart of much debate in new times, with lots of now demanding something requires to be done about them.

Big Brother is embroiled in an ongoing 'bullying' row


Major Brother is embroiled in an ongoing ‘bullying’ row
Paul's behaviour towards Noky made fans feel 'sick'


Paul’s behaviour towards Noky built supporters truly feel ‘sick’

Olivia, Paul and Tom have been resulting in mischief in the home that some think has gone way past what can be considered banter.

While criticism has also been levelled at Dylan and Jenkin, also.

The raucous crew may perhaps well be split up tomorrow night time as four housemates encounter eviction: Noky, Trish, Paul and Dylan.

And if the opinions on-line is something to go by it will be the latter two leaving by a landslide.

Just one man or woman fumed on X: “Like I really sense bodily unwell viewing this conduct from Olivia, Paul, Tom and Jenkin. Big really like to Chanelle contacting Jenkin out for that check out difficult behaviour.”

Yet another posted: “Need the poisonous group of Dylan, Paul and Olivia nominated! Get them out ASAP!”

Last evening viewers have been furious when Paul appeared to rub his bum more than Noky’s bedding.

“Did he wipe his arse on her aspect of the mattress?” asked an incredulous viewer. “He stated he was heading to get his arse out and I feel he did. He’s vile.”

An additional replied: “That is vile I can’t stand him. She seemed genuinely upset and then his disgusting crew was laughing about it and egging him on. Horrid whole lot.”

Paul has appear below fireplace for his relentless snipes at Noky, while Dylan was called “unhinged” and in require of anger management right after viewers spotted him clenching his fist although rowing with Trish.

The team ended up also slammed before in the 7 days for waking their fellow housemates up in the middle of the night and showering evicted Kerry with lettuce as she slept.

Dylan has had a number of angry outbursts in the house


Dylan has had a number of indignant outbursts in the house
Olivia's rowdy behaviour didn't sit well with viewers


Olivia’s rowdy behaviour did not sit perfectly with viewers

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