Cartoon caveman Fred Flintstone would have eaten veg instead of meaty Bronto-Burgers, say experts

CARTOON caveman Fred Flintstone would have eaten veg alternatively of meaty Bronto-Burgers, specialists say.

Human ancestors like Bedrock’s bolshy father usually chowed down on carrots, parsnips, grains and nuts, reports of historic bones, tooth and burnt plant stays have disclosed.

Fred Flintstone would have eaten veg instead of meaty Bronto-Burgers, experts say


Fred Flintstone would have eaten veg as an alternative of meaty Bronto-Burgers, industry experts say

It overturns prior theories that early male mostly lived on meat from searching animals like woolly mammoth and bison.

Milk was unusual as farming was not invented, making cave-dwellers primarily vegan — extended before the dawn of tofu.

The research by Wyoming University, US, of 9,000-12 months-previous remains in the Andes, Peru, discovered potatoes ended up a large strike far too.

Professor Randy Haas explained: “Conventional knowledge holds that early human beings focused on hunting.

“But our assessment reveals that the diet programs were composed of 80 per cent plant issue and 20 per cent meat.

“The major strategy for making ready tubers, which were being probable wild potatoes, would in all probability have been to roast them in underground pits.

“I suspect potatoes continue to make up a large part of eating plans all over the planet these days, especially when you contemplate the popularity of french fries.

“Our strategies offer the clearest and most exact image of early forager diet plans to day.”

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