Government must step in and stop schools being cancelled by bogus Islamophobia accusations

Class warriors

WHEN will the Govt move in to cease exceptional educational facilities staying introduced to their knees by bogus Islamophobia accusations?

The Michaela Local community University is a staggering accomplishment, achieving outstanding outcomes in a bad space of North London.

The Michaela Community School has been hit by bogus Islamophobia accusations


The Michaela Local community Faculty has been hit by bogus Islamophobia accusationsCredit history: Rex

A single Muslim pupil now objects to its blanket ban on segregated prayer rituals and is suing in the Substantial Court, backed by the usual human legal rights legal lefties.

But that ban is specially to beat discrimination, so young ones of all creeds and none are dealt with equally.

And it achieves just the cohesion it was meant to.

The Left loathes this university.

It is super-stringent, offends their “progressive” values and is wildly productive.

Now they have a stick to conquer it with.

An exceptional East London key, in the meantime, is currently being threatened with violence by thugs proclaiming anti-Muslim prejudice following the head banned pro-Palestine badges.

Each colleges have impeccable information for inclusion — but also boost British values, just as our colleges should really.

This Govt should do a lot more to defend them from mobs . . . and troublemakers with dear lawyers.

Noel’s nailed it

NOEL Gallagher’s superstardom and his entertaining bluntness have created him a countrywide treasure. In contrast to Sadiq Khan.

When the rocker piles into London’s failing Labour Mayor he speaks for hundreds of thousands.

Khan has only ever been fascinated in self-marketing, imposing bans and taxes and whining about Tories.

When bad Harry Pitman, 16, grew to become the city’s newest knife sufferer, Khan bizarrely accused tech companies of creating mobiles also tempting for thieves.

It was a shameful attempt at buck-passing, and not shed on Noel.

Under Khan’s corrosive rule the money has turn out to be tougher and more difficult to dwell in and more and far more dangerous.

How dare she?

THERE is a rancid stench all over ex-SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her deputy deleting each individual solitary Covid-period WhatsApp message.

This irrespective of her piety about how crucial it was for classes to be figured out at a community inquiry.

She understood each and every message may be worthwhile — but deleted the ton. Why?

The normal suspects used weeks ranting more than Boris Johnson dropping a couple months of WhatsApps after altering his cell phone, while they experienced several extra to feast on.

The place is the outrage about Sturgeon?

Unbelievably, SNP cranks now declare deleting WhatsApps is high-quality.

Sturgeon ran Scotland throughout Covid, using it to bolster her get together and drive wedges concerning it and Westminster.

What she explained in non-public messages may well have been a subject of lifestyle and dying.

She has taken care of the inquiry with utter contempt and will have to not get away with it.

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