How to eat sugar and STILL lose weight – without missing out on your favourite treats

HOW numerous periods have you been instructed that sugar is the enemy?

Even all-natural sugars from fruits have been blacklisted by some, inspite of all the natural vitamins and minerals they have.

You can eat sugar and still have a healthy diet


You can take in sugar and continue to have a wholesome eating plan

But Jess Hillard, a sports activities nutritionist at Warrior believes you can delight in the sweet stuff although bettering your overall health.

“No meals are ‘bad’,” she suggests. “It’s how you consume them that matters.”

Examine on to discover out how to make the white things function for you.

WHY THE Undesirable REP?

Sugar has been connected to quite a few wellbeing conditions, such as kind 2 diabetic issues, heart condition, tooth decay, despair and weight problems, so it is wise to retain a test on your ingestion.

The NHS endorses a daily allowance for “free sugars” (these added to food stuff) of up to 30g for older people and 24g for young children.

This incorporates sugars found in biscuits, cereals, cakes and fizzy drinks.

For context, one particular chocolate digestive biscuit includes 5g of sugar.

“Honey, syrups, fruit juices and smoothies also depend as free of charge sugar information,” says Jess.

”Natural sugars” (fructose) are observed in goods like milk and fruit, and are not involved in the 30g restrict.

Nonetheless, food items labels do not convey to you what variety of sugar is in the products.

An simple rule of thumb is that nearly anything with additional components ending in “ose” (like glucose and sucrose) is substantial in added sugars. 


Sugar is a carbohydrate that will come in two varieties: complex and easy.

Very simple carbs involve cakes and biscuits, white bread, pasta, breakfast cereals and pastries.

“Eaten in extra, easy carbs can direct to bodyweight attain, as they are less power-dense but superior in calories, so we can consume a lot of them without the need of sensation comprehensive. They will spike blood sugar ranges and give immediate vitality, but later on you are going to experience a crash in energy and could even feel hungry again,” Jess points out.

Nevertheless, intricate carbs, which includes quinoa, whole jumbo oats, rye, spelt and wholegrain pasta, need far more energy to split down. 


Making certain your most important foods are filling can assistance negate sugar cravings.

“Bodies usually crave sugar to attempt to stabilise blood sugars,” claims Jess.

“Base your foods all over very good-high quality meat, legumes, fruit and vegetables, and sophisticated, substantial-fibre carbohydrates. Filling up on nutrient-dense foods will lessen cravings for sweet and nutritionally sparse food items, as nicely as assistance you really feel comprehensive and glad, indicating if you still do want some chocolate immediately after dinner, you will end up having less of it. Decide for advanced carbs, such as porridge, in the early morning to get started your working day appropriate and continue to keep you comprehensive right up until lunchtime.”


Do make it possible for yourself a pair of squares of chocolate in the evening.

Although you may fear you are going to gorge on a total bar, if you know you can do the very same tomorrow night, it relieves the drive to binge on it now.

Don't stop yourself from nibbling a couple of squares of chocolate in the evening


Do not end oneself from nibbling a few of squares of chocolate in the eveningCredit score: Getty

And test swapping to 80% dark choc, as it has a lessen sugar content material.


Increase vegetables to your smoothies to boost nutrients and fibre – one particular piece of fruit will continue to make it sweet.

Try out whizzing alongside one another banana, avocado, spinach and a sprinkling of cinnamon with some milk of your selection (though verify its sugar material).

To make it a nutritionally full meal, incorporate a scoop of protein powder from brands these types of as The best possible Nutrition and Protein Works.


If your sweet tooth kicks in after evening meal, pre-make some much healthier desserts.

“Chocolate chia pudding is my absolute favorite,” claims Jess.

“It’s tremendous-uncomplicated to make the evening just before and has a very similar texture to chocolate mousse.”

Combine chia seeds, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt, cocoa powder and a small maple syrup.

“Maple syrup is still a sugar and is dealt with the similar in the system. Nevertheless, you tend to not will need as a great deal – or any at all – as it has a slight caramel flavor to it. You can grate chocolate on top rated, also.”

Insert strawberries for a much healthier sweet contact, or if you’re eating out, share dessert with your mate or date.


Test seeing your caramel latte with additional syrup as a at the time-a-week treat, alternatively than a morning will have to-have.

Numerous coffee shops now have sugar-free options.

Take less sugar in your coffee or tea


Acquire a lot less sugar in your coffee or teaCredit rating: Getty

“To wean your self off sugar in your cuppa, start by steadily lowering the quantity each individual week,” says Jess.

“Even switching to a quarter of a teaspoon alternatively of two teaspoons is a thing.”

Alternatively, you could try out sweeteners. 


Treats in the glovebox could be including hundreds of unwanted energy to your diet program each working day.

“You usually don’t realise you’re eating them,” states Jess, who suggests munching on popcorn as an alternative.

Some multipack bags of sweet popcorn have less than 2g of sugar.

“Even far better if it is dwelling-designed, so you can see how a great deal sugar, oil and salt is likely on it.”

Basically location the kernels in a pan with a very little oil and heat till they pop.


You’d be surprised at how quick jam is to make at household, and it could help save you up to 9g of sugar.

“You could also make your individual chocolate distribute with cocoa powder and maple syrup,” claims Jess.

“Some nut butter companies make cocoa nut spreads, which are scrumptious and decreased in sugar than most.”


For some, that to start with sip of cola is unbeatable.

Swap to the diet plan or no-sugar version of your favourite fizzy consume.

“Opt for diet regime beverages if you want to enjoy them at times, but I’d always advise hoping to slice out fizzy beverages entirely,” Jess states.

“They do the entire body no favours, so only have them seldom.”

Sweetened fizzy h2o or glowing drinking water with a squeeze of lemon and lime juice can also squash that bubbles craving. 

What is the deal with fruit?

“Fruit consists of sugar, but also critical vitamins and minerals, as properly as fibre,” claims Jess

Smoothies and juices increase to your day by day restrict, but full fruits, which have the fibre intact, do not.

Eating low-sugar fruit like kiwi is better for your health


Consuming very low-sugar fruit like kiwi is improved for your well beingCredit rating: Getty

Go for decrease-sugar fruits, like strawberries and kiwis.

Need to you use sweeteners?

“Sweeteners have a very similar chemical construction to sugar, so the overall body treats them the very same,” suggests Jess.

“Using them isn’t producing a food stuff ‘healthy’ but it can assist reduce total sugar use.”

They may possibly have been joined to cancer, but there is little evidence to verify they are a trigger.


Warrior Crunch Protein Bar, £19.85 for 24 These protein-packed bars will satisfy any sweet tooth.

As well as, that contains just 1.2g of sugar just about every, they’re a excellent resource of vitality.

Our fave flavour is choc-chip cookie dough.


The Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspé, £16.99, Waterstones

Nutritionist Jessie’s ebook is comprehensive of tips and tricks on how and what to try to eat for optimal wellness – and all without the need of banning sugar.

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