I’m 25 and can’t stop peeing – I go every time I drink, help! Dr Zoe Williams answers your health concerns

NOVEMBER is men’s mental health and fitness awareness month.

It is when many improve a moustache to raise funds for annual charity Movember, which encourages male wellness problems.

NHS GP Dr Zoe Williams answers health questions sent in by readers


NHS GP Dr Zoe Williams responses overall health issues despatched in by visitors

Although the dialogue around mental wellbeing is increasing, some nonetheless obtain it challenging to have open discussions.

It is so crucial we train our children to chat about how they truly feel. If you have recognized a alter in your good friend, father or brother, provide it up as a way of inquiring how they are experience. Hear and remind them you are always there, offering assistance if they need to have it. If they’ve been down for far more than two months, explain to them to contemplate observing a GP.

Here’s a variety of what visitors asked me this week . . . 

Q) IS there any likelihood of receiving rid of acid reflux in the belly all together, or at least cutting down it?


A) Recurring acid reflux can be tough. Some foodstuff and consume can bring about or worsen acid reflux. Common culprits include things like spicy foodstuff, citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate, caffeine and fizzy drinks.

You can also try out taking in lesser, additional frequent meals, and steer clear of taking in inside a few hrs of bedtime.

Particular medicines like aspirin, and anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen, steroids and some anti-depressants, can exacerbate reflux indications.

Placement in mattress matters, as well. Try utilizing an extra pillow or two to assist prop your head up about 6 to eight inches though you slumber.

Chewing sugar-free gum right after meals can in some cases assistance.

Did you know that stress can make acid-reflux signs worse?

In the long run, you could need to have to see a medical professional, specifically if the acid reflux won’t budge, even immediately after trying more than-the-counter medications for a couple of months and earning way of life variations.

Your health care provider will be equipped to far better evaluate your acid reflux, prescribe remedies, consider no matter if investigations are expected and make distinct tips customized to you.

Crimson flags along with reflux include things like unexplained bodyweight loss, problems swallowing, persistent vomiting or vomiting blood, and persistent symptoms which get started in somebody above the age of 55.

If any of these are existing, you ought to communicate to your GP as soon as doable.


MY wife, who is 73 many years aged, has had a trouble with listening to audio for several several years.

When she had new listening to aids, she asked about this and was explained to she had musical tinnitus.

But for a several decades, she has found a sweet scent the place she commonly sits in our entrance area. Could this be to do with her musical tinnitus?

 I suggest that your spouse see a GP. She may perhaps want to have some exams to investigate this a little bit additional.

The most frequent lead to of musical tinnitus is hearing loss.

When a individual is dealing with substantial hearing decline, the brain can respond to this by generating its possess sounds.

But there are some other opportunity will cause.

Incredibly rarely, these could contain concerns originating in the mind – such as challenges with blood vessels there, or tumours.

The sweet scent could be a so-referred to as phantom odour which is not essentially joined to her musical tinnitus.

Phantom smells – that nobody else can decide up – are uncommon but could be because of to many elements like neurological disorders, sinus concerns or even selected medicines.

The actuality that this has been likely on for years is somewhat reassuring.

 But I do imagine that, taken in mix with the tinnitus, this is definitely really worth a extra in-depth assessment to rule out anything at all major.

Q) I Discover myself needing the bathroom as frequently as each individual 50 % hour, or even much more.

I adopted assistance to minimize down on caffeine but it has not manufactured any big difference. The only way it eases off is if I consume hardly any fluids, but that sales opportunities to dehydration. I have specified urine samples to check for UTIs, as I’ve been susceptible to these for decades, but they’ve returned damaging.

I have earlier been examined for diabetes, as I acknowledge I am frequently thirsty, but that arrived again Alright.

Ahead of I have completed a drink, whether it is water, juice, a fizzy drink or espresso, I now have to have the bathroom. It’s a consistently unpleasant emotion and can make me very drained, as I locate I’m paying out far more time in the loo than I am elsewhere. For reference, I am only 25 a long time aged.

A) There are lots of reasons individuals could possibly require to go to the bathroom all the time and you’ve included the kinds most GPs would want to rule out straight away with UTIs and the two forms 1 and 2 diabetic issues. It is considered typical to be heading to the toilet all over six to eight occasions a working day so it would be worthy of monitoring for a few days to see just how much exterior the usual array you are when consuming approximately two litres a working day.

There are lots of other likely medical triggers behind continuous require to pee, while, and an overactive bladder is one particular.

You really don’t point out no matter if you have to get up in the night time to urinate. But nocturia — which is acquiring to go to the rest room various situations by the night time — could position to some disorders getting extra or less probable. Of the beverages that you mention, fizzy beverages and espresso can both be bladder irritants, so possibly attempt switching to water and herbal teas for a while and see if the difficulty is continue to the identical.

Folks who have an overactive bladder generally complain of an uncontrollable and sudden urge to urinate and they can’t keep it or put it off.

They also expertise needing the loo commonly and from time to time have leakage if they just can’t get there immediately plenty of.

It influences close to 12 per cent of the population and nervousness can make it even worse. So if it’s something you’re troubled by — and the simple fact you have published in suggests it is – you must unquestionably go again to your GP and have a even more conversation about this.

You may perhaps be referred for even further checks and your GP may request you to keep a bladder diary to file instances and volumes, so you could get a headstart by doing this now.

Pelvic-ground workouts can typically assist, so this is anything else that you can get started out with straight away.

There are heaps of treatment options for an overactive bladder. But as I talked about ahead of, there are other likely causes of your indicators far too, so heading again to the GP for additional evaluation is required.

I get worried about wife’s tinnitus

MY spouse, who is 73 a long time aged, has had a dilemma with hearing tunes for a number of a long time. When she experienced new hearing aids, she questioned about this and was informed she had musical tinnitus.

But for a couple of decades, she has noticed a sweet odor where by she commonly sits in our front home. Could this be to do with her musical tinnitus?

 I recommend that your wife see a GP. She may will need to have some checks to investigate this a bit more.

The most frequent result in of musical tinnitus is listening to decline.

When a particular person is dealing with considerable hearing decline, the mind can respond to this by generating its personal appears.

But there are some other opportunity will cause.

Extremely seldom, these could entail problems originating in the mind – these kinds of as issues with blood vessels there, or tumours.

The sweet scent could be a so-called phantom odour which is not automatically joined to her musical tinnitus.

Phantom smells – that no person else can choose up – are unheard of but could be owing to numerous components which include neurological ailments, sinus concerns or even certain drugs.

The reality that this has been heading on for many years is to some degree reassuring.

 But I do consider that, taken in mixture with the tinnitus, this is undoubtedly worthy of a a lot more in-depth evaluation to rule out just about anything significant.

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