I’m a doctor and you MUST clean your belly button – what could happen if you don’t

THE holiday seasons are in entire swing, and trying to keep an eye on your children can experience like a by no means-ending problem.

In between sunburn and wasp stings, sand in the eyes and too several late bedtimes, the whole spouse and children can experience a minimal even worse for put on at this time of 12 months.

NHS GP Dr Zoe Williams answers health questions sent in by readers


NHS GP Dr Zoe Williams responses health and fitness concerns despatched in by audienceCredit score: The Sunshine

Sticking to a plan is challenging when there’s no university to get up for.

But a fantastic night’s snooze and normal, balanced meals can treatment lots of ills, these types of as irritability and grumpiness, generating for a ­happier and more healthy summer season crack for all of you.

Here’s a range of what audience have requested this week . . . 

Q) ABOUT 6 weeks in the past I woke up lightheaded and dizzy. In any other case no other symptoms, although above the very last couple months my menopause has received worse.

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NHS GP Dr Zoe Williams explains exactly how to get a GP appointment

Checks this sort of as a blood take a look at and an electrocardiagram have located very little.

The medical doctor has place me on hormone alternative remedy patches. I have been on these for two weeks and my head is no unique.

I have also had a entire eye check and 3D scan of my eyes.

My blood pressure can often be on the very low side, so I may possibly require medicine adjustment. I’m just actually looking for some information as to your thoughts.

A) Inquiries like this are so critical.

A whole lot of women of all ages put up with signs relatively than try to obtain help, so producing in and speaking to your GP are so critical.

Even though a typical ECG is somewhat ­reassuring and surely procedures out heaps of substantial coronary heart ailments, it does not convey to you if there are any short term adjustments to your heart rhythm at the time you have symptoms.

When you future see your GP, I would propose inquiring about a 24-hour or even a 7-day Holter test.

This is a small check about the dimensions of a cell phone that is created to choose up if your heart rhythm improvements — heading also gradual, way too rapid, or irregular — at the time of signs and symptoms, so in your circumstance when you have mild-headedness/dizziness.

Becoming lightheaded and dizzy are recognised symptoms of menopause and it’s not unusual to get new indications as you journey through the menopause transition.

The superior news is, you have a proactive GP. Trialling hormone substitution remedy is a sensible solution, but two months is not really prolonged enough to make your mind up if it has aided or not.

It is usually recommended to give it at minimum two months, except it is giving you undesirable aspect-outcomes.

Also, HRT is not a “one size fits all” medicine.

It can get as substantially as 6 months and perhaps more time to obtain the style and dosage that suits you as an personal, so this could need adjustment around time.

You are only 6 months into your new symptoms as well, so keep a diary of when you feel worse or superior and see if that correlates with slumber, what you consume or what’s heading on in phrases of pressure stages at household or work.

It appears like you have a superior dialogue with your GP, so feed all that info back to them and they can aid you ­analyse the findings.

HRT is the gold-conventional remedy for menopausal indications but it is usually worthy of searching at the holistic facet of issues too.

What are your snooze designs like? Are you having a healthful, well balanced diet?

How considerably processed or extremely-processed food do you take in? How a great deal time do you training each and every week?

Have you been via a demanding celebration in the past 6 months?

In Chinese culture, menopause is viewed positively.

It is referred to as the “second spring”, which signifies it’s a time in existence to aim on your self and adapt life style ­patterns to assist you really feel nourished, serene and healthful.

I know that might audio unachievable suitable now, but it is what girls should really be aiming for in this chapter of their lives.

So please do continue to keep pursuing solutions. It sounds like you’re quite a lot in the driving seat with your menopause and that is wherever we want everybody to be.

Q) I HAVE bought a really hard black little bit in my tummy button. What is it and should I talk to my GP about it?

A) Tummy buttons are one particular of people components of our bodies that a whole lot of us really don’t even imagine about, permit on your own take care of.

The common advice is that you really should exclusively thoroughly clean your tummy button after a week, as it can harbour dead skin cells and micro organism.

But the fact is incredibly few of us pay back attention to that element of our bodies.

Almost never, skin cells, hair, oil and even fabric can acquire in there and variety a navel stone, which is also identified as an omphalolith.

These can be diagnosed by your GP and can be eliminated by a dermatologist.

They are generally harmless but they can be unpleasant and you’re a great deal much better off managing them, as they can proceed to develop and turn into far more uncomfortable.

In the initial instance, make an appointment with possibly a nurse or medical doctor at your GP surgery, as they really should be in a position to help

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Tummy bloat gets my goat

Q) MY abdomen is always bloated and gassy. When I go for a poo it’s urgent and delicate

I have had some blood also. But it’s all been checked and it’s not diverticula.

A colonoscopy demonstrates every little thing is Ok. I am 70. I have asked the medical doctor to verify if I have lactose intolerance.

Is there any advice you can give me? I have commenced to omit dairy but would like to get a lactose exam.     

A) The simple fact you’ve experienced a colonoscopy is reassuring, as that is the best exam to rule out colorectal (bowel) most cancers.

I think a complete established of blood checks has been completed as well, to rule out other ailments these kinds of as Crohn’s, colitis and coeliac ailment, and also a CA125 exam for ovarian most cancers – if you are feminine?

The finest way to examination for lactose intolerence is to entire two weeks of a stringent lactose-cost-free food plan.

If signs solve but recur on reintroduction of lactose-that contains meals, the diagnosis can be produced.

If you have not checked labels to slash out all lactose-containing foodstuff, get started the two-7 days trial more than.

Keep a diary of the bloating and how you sense, and to what extent indicators recur when you reintroduce lactose.

Not doing the reintroduction is not encouraged mainly because if you do not have an intolerance, you would be limiting your diet, and possibly your nourishment, without having excellent lead to.

If this test is negative and almost everything stated earlier mentioned is dominated out, your GP could diag-nose irritable bowel syndrome.

IBS methods are on the British Dietetics Affiliation web site ( com/source/irritable-bowel-syndrome-diet.html).

If issues do not strengthen, try to see a dietitian/nutritionist.

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