I’m an ex-flight attendant – why I never sleep on planes when going on holiday… and you shouldn’t too

AN ex-flight attendant has uncovered why he by no means sleeps on planes when heading on getaway – and why you should not either.

Bobbie Laurie reported that staying awake through a extensive flight can aid you defeat jet lag when you land.


This gentleman will live to regret falling asleep on his flightCredit rating: Getty

He utilized to get the job done draining 10-hour shifts on up to a few flights every day – and was usually all set to rest when he clocked off.

Composing in Conde Nast Traveller, Bobbie mentioned: “That nap just after arrival, or overnight relaxation in some scenarios, instantaneously reset my interior clock..

“Try to continue to be awake on your flight – this will aid you sense worn out on arrival.

“You can head straight to bed as soon as you get to your lodging.”

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Bobbie added that if you get there previously in the day, you should established an alarm before using a nap.

When you wake up from the nap, you must however be fatigued adequate to sleep at night – adjusting your system clock to the community time zone.

The ex-flight attendant also mentioned that coffee and bananas can aid fend off jet lag until finally bedtime.

Going for walks about exterior can also help your physique change to the daylight in your new environment.

You should really also wake up at a respectable time for your place instead than sleeping in on your initially day.

But Bobbie stated that if all else fails, you will just have to put up with jet lag – until your flight dwelling, “the place you get to do it all once again”.

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