Love Island Games LIVE — Fans divided over Cely and Toby’s coupling as ‘sick’ Johnny slammed for ‘toxic’ move

LOVE Island Games have begun and there’s already drama afoot.

Cely Vazquez and Toby Aromolaran paired up in the first coupling of the series, and fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their divided reactions to the duo as one wrote, “Toby and Cely? I am here for it.”

“Idk Cely it’s givin Toby &kaz again .. idk if it’s going to last,” another fan was more wary.

At the end of the season premiere episode, Love Island host Maya Jama revealed to the islanders that two new bombshells were entering the Fiji villa and that they’d each pick two people to kiss – but all of the competitors would be blindfolded during the kisses.

While newcomer Megan Barton-Hanson chose Callum Hole and Steph Blackos to kiss, Johnny Middlebrooks picked Imani Wheeler before kissing Cely, his ex, in a shocking move.

“JOHNNY YOU ARE A SICK TWISTED MAN LEAVE MY GIRL CELY ALONE!!” one viewer shared as another ripped: “Johnny is so toxic for that, why would he kiss cely.”

Love Island Games continues Thursday on Peacock at 9 pm ET. New episodes of the series will air six days a week.

Read our Love Island Games blog for the latest updates…

  • Curtis starred on Love Island UK Season 5

    Curtis started his journey in the villa coupled up with Amy Hart – but he shocked fans when he cruelly dumped her.

    He later found love with Maura Higgins, who had her eye on him from the very beginning.

    The pair were popular with the public – and ended up placing fourth in the series. They broke up less than a year later.

    Curtis also became well-loved for his close friendship with Tommy Fury.

  • Meet Curtis Pritchard

    Curtis Pritchard, 27, was born in Cheshire on February 7, 1996.

    He started dancing at a young age alongside his older brother AJ, learning his craft from his mum and dad Adrian and Debi’s dance school, Pritchard’s Dance and Fitness Academy.

    He began to dance professionally from the age of 11 and has represented the UK in several World and European Championships.

    He starred on Dancing With The Stars in Ireland in 2017 and Curtis explained: “I got into dancing through my parents.

    “But what got me seriously in to it was when dad would take me to major competitions he judged. Seeing professionals dance was my biggest inspiration.”

    Curtis is matched with Lisa on Love Island Games.

  • About Toby Aromoloran

    Toby is a 25-year-old semi-pro footballer from Essex and is a Love Island Games contestant.

    Speaking about his career, he told ITV: “I’ve played football since I was about six, but it’s really come into a new light for the past year since I joined a team called Hashtag United.

    “They’re very social media focused. Everything is on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

    “Playing with them has really made me fall in love with the game again.”

  • First couplings revealed

    The first six couplings of Love Island Games are:

    • Liberty and Callum
    • Cely and Toby
    • Lisa and Curtis
    • Jess and Steph
    • Imani and Ray
    • Justine and Jack
  • Johnny picks…

    Johnny kissed IMANI for his first pick.

    In a shocking twist, he kissed Cely, his ex, for his second choice.

  • Bombshells make their choices

    Megan kisses CALLUM and STEPH.

    “I don’t think my day can get any worse,” Jess says as she’s coupled up with Steph.

  • Meet the two islanders

    Megan Barton-Hanson and Johnny Middlebrooks are entering the villa!

    Johnny is Cely’s ex, and he says he is “here to win.”

  • Maya brings a twist

    Maya reveals to the islanders that two new all-star islanders are on their way to enter the villa.

    They will enter the villa and kiss the two islanders whom they find the most attractive.

    But they won’t know who is kissing who – because they’ll all be blindfolded.

  • Callum doesn’t know what liberty means

    Liberty says that her name means freedom – and Callum is totally confused.

    He asked if that means that the Statue of Liberty stands for freedom and Liberty is dumbfounded.

    However, she tells Callum that she feels comfortable talking to him.

    The two share a kiss.

  • Curtis and Lisa hit it off

    Curtis says that he’s all about family and tells Lisa that he would pick love over winning the money.

    He says that he’s looking for the mother of his children and reveals that he wants two boys – and Lisa shares that she has the same dream.

    Curtis says in a confessional that the two could be a power couple and he hopes he’s not left heartbroken.

  • Liberty picks…


    Jess is now coupled up with Steph by default.

  • Two besties go next

    Cely and Justine only got two hearts in the first challenge.

    Justine chooses to couple up with JACK!

    Cely picks TOBY!

  • Imani chooses…

    Imani picks RAY!

    Ray is excited as he had his eyes on Imani before the show.

    “I’m on top of the world,” Ray says.

  • Lisa chooses…


    Lisa Celander and Curtis Pritchard are the first Love Island Games couple ever.

  • Results determine first coupling

    The results of the first challenge determine the order of the girls in the first coupling up.

    Lisa and Imani were the only two girls to collect all three hearts in the challenge.

    The winner who gets first pick of the boys is… LISA!

  • Jess spills the history

    Jess explains to Maya that she got to know Callum and the two shared kisses before he chose someone else.

    Maya asked if Jess would reconsider being with him and Jess said that she wouldn’t date him again.

    However, Jess picked Callum’s card – and the two had to make out at the end of their obstacle course.

  • Cely’s blunder leaves everyone in stitches

    Cely tried to break through the prop wall – but instead just hit it and bounced back.

    The islanders fell to the floor laughing, and Maya was even shown cracking up.

    “I’ve never laughed so hard in my life,” Curtis said in a confessional.

    “I guarantee she’s got whiplash.”

  • Cely lays her cards on the table

    Maya asks if Cely has her eye on anyone to compete with in the game.

    Cely answers quickly, saying, “I’m kind of hoping it’s Toby.”

    Toby was shocked by the boldness – but Cely picked Jack’s card.

  • Lisa up next

    Swedish contender Lisa is up next in the competition.

    She’s joined by Steph, who she walked in with.

    During the first run, Justine could not find the heart in a murky tank of water – so now it’s up to Lisa to find it.

  • First challenge begins

    The couples will be randomly paired to compete in this challenge.

    Curtis and Justine are the first to take on the obstacle course.

  • Maya Jama enters the villa

    Host Maya Jama has arrived!

    “You look even more amazing in person,” Justine says.

    Maya welcomes the competitors to the first-ever Love Island Games.

  • Enter the French

    Steph Blackos has entered the villa.

    The French bombshell says that he thinks the women will like his accent.

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