Man left baffled by what he’s served as ‘continental breakfast’ at hotel – and people are horrified

A Guy was still left baffled by what he was served as a “continental breakfast” at a resort – and people are horrified.

The diner shared a snap of the bizarre breakfast on a Reddit discussion board about lousy food items.


This is what a continental breakfast is supposed to appear likeCredit: Getty
This is what one horrified diner was served instead


This is what a single horrified diner was served in its placeCredit rating: Reddit

He stated: “This is the ‘Continental Breakfast’ at the hotel I’m keeping at.”

The snap confirmed a shrunken yellow omelette, a boiled egg and two deathly-wanting sausage patties crowded on a paper plate – along with a sachet of Cholula hot sauce and plastic cutlery.

Despite the fact that its name appears to be to counsel European origins, the continental breakfast is an American invention.

It typically involves some mix of toast, muffins, pastries, yoghurt and coffee.

The continental breakfast was launched by hotels in the US as a lighter option to the comprehensive English or American pancakes.

Reddit customers have been shocked by the grim continental breakfast which the gentleman was served.

A person stated: “Request them which continent.”

An additional reported: “Two sorts of eggs? Living it large!”

A third stated: “I’ve never noticed egg with a side of egg just before.”

A fourth mentioned: “Which is an incontinental breakfast.”

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