Man slammed by flight attendant for using call button for ‘non-emergency’ – but people are saying the same thing

A Male discovered himself on the acquiring conclude of a flight attendant’s anger, basically for inquiring for a consume of h2o.

The passenger drew the ire of the cabin crew member when he rang the connect with button during his flight, alternatively of waiting around for the drinks services to arrive about.


The male pressed the button to request for a consume of drinking waterCredit score: Getty

The man stated he experienced been client to get started with, but when no beverages ended up available, he made the decision to take matters into his possess hands, as he needed some water to assist him acquire some drugs.

However, the flight attendant was annoyed by him pressing the button and told him that he ought to only do it in emergencies.

In a submit on Reddit, he wrote: “I had a big surgical procedure in 2021, a Whipple surgical procedure, which took 50 % my pancreas and quite a few other digestive bits and parts.

“Since of that I ought to get digestive enzyme products prior to taking in.

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“We had been in the air for a even though before I had my bagel delivered. I waited for a bit simply because I figured drink provider would begin shortly just after. And waited. And waited. 30 minutes.

“I am NOT commonly this person but I pushed the get in touch with button. A pair minutes went by and an FA arrived up and requested me if it was an emergency. I said, ‘no but I have to choose this drugs prior to I try to eat. Could I potentially have some drinking water?’

“Her response was, “Oh, so you are not having an crisis. We will be starting consume services in just a couple minutes’.

“Her demeanour and tone of her response manufactured me experience like an idiot. No, I wasn’t possessing a coronary heart attack but I did have a clinical motive for inquiring.”

He asked if he was in the improper, expressing he understood the button was for emergencies but considered it could be utilised “for other requests”.

Nonetheless, other individuals ended up on his aspect and explained the flight attendant was definitely in the completely wrong in this situation.

Just one wrote: “The button is NOT for emergencies. Nor ought to it be used foolishly. Your ask for was totally within the acceptable boundaries for calling the FA. She was erroneous.”

Another said: “That is what the button is there for. The FA was just remaining snarky and lazy.”

A third included: “It is crazy to me that the FA gave you any sass at all as soon as you explained you desired to get medication, they do not know what type it is or what happens if you never just take it. Totally preposterous.”

There are some passengers who do use the contact button too a lot on the other hand.

Kat Kamalani, who has obtained popularity on social media sharing secrets of staying part of the flight crew, discussed why pressing the phone button need to be averted, if possible.

In a video on TikTok she explained: “So from the tarmac – if you strike this and it is not some form of crisis, we are straight heading back again to our seat.

“Don’t strike this button if you require a barf bag, or a blanket, or drinking water, headphones or foodstuff – any of that things. For the reason that your flight attendant is not going to be so delighted.”

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Meanwhile, these are some other etiquette rules passengers should really follow when flying.

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The flight attendant wasn't happy when he pressed the call bell (stock image)


The flight attendant wasn’t pleased when he pressed the connect with bell (stock image)Credit rating: Alamy

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