Married at First Sight UK 2023 LIVE – Fans slam Laura and are left shook as Ella and Nathanial turn on each-other

MARRIED At First Sight UK fans were left fuming at Georges’ shocking comments about Peggy.

Channel 4 viewers were left unimpressed as the new groom, Georges’, made a series of questionable comments about his new wife’s body, including being eager to see her breasts – which he nicknamed “t**ties” and “cannons”.

Fans flocked to social media to complain, as one wrote: “Georges is scary because he’s in back rooms saying the wildest, most misogynistic s**t and cracking himself up, then turns around tells his bride’s sister “it’s the start of a beautiful adventure” with a perfectly sincere straight face. Run, Peggy.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Ella was reduced to tears in explosive scenes, after Nathanial accused her of “lying”.

Some fans were shocked by Nathanial’s comments, as one X user wrote: “Wow Nathanial is awful! What a hypocrite, said Ella was too much of an extrovert yet he’s the one causing the biggest scenes.”

Read our MAFS live blog below for the latest news and updates…

  • Why did Peggy join MAFS?

    Peggy opened up on why she decided to apply and go on Married At First Sight, saying: “I’m 32, I’ve always focused on my job, my career and my family. I had a really good job in tech risk, I’ve got an amazing family, a big Irish family, I’ve got friends and there’s just something missing in my life.

    “I was working really long hours, like 12 hour days at home, in the office and whenever I did have time off, I’d spend it with my family.”

  • MAFS UK 2022 bride Chanita Stephenson has revealed the behind the show secrets everyone wants to know

    Speaking to OK! magazine, the former MAFS UK star has detailed her experience during the marriage experiment.

    Despite not finding lasting-love, Chanita has lifted the lid on how the singletons may be feeling.

  • Watch the moment Nathanial slams Ella as fake

    The newlywed’s relationship has quickly hit the rocks

    Things soon came to a head on the E4 show when the pair became embroiled in a heated row.

  • Who are this year’s brides?

    The brides in this year’s Married At First Sight are:

    • Clinic consultant Ella, 29
    • Sales manager Jay, 31
    • Finance manager Laura, 34
    • Technology risk partner Peggy, 32
    • Executive assistant Porscha, 36
    • Florist Rosaline, 28
    • Performing arts teacher Shona, 31
    • Childcare assistant Tasha, 25
  • Need another dose of MAFS gossip!?

    You can stay up to date here.

  • Tasha supports Paul in touching tribute

    As Paul paid tribute to his late best-friend in a heart-felt speech, he was reduced to tears.

    But Tasha was quick to comfort her new husband and the pair embraced in an adorable moment.

    Paul later said that the experts had got their match “right” – awww!

  • Georges’ best man exposes his bad behaviour leaving Peggy unimpressed

    After Cameron’s shocking speech that exposed Georges’ antics including sporting budgie smugglers, having an accident by the pool and loving gaming – which is ‘non-negotiable’.

    The speech left Peggy wanting a “man” not a “boy”.

    Is there trouble in paradise ahead?

  • Paul’s mum has given Tasha the stamp of approval

    Despite being reluctant about the experiment, Paul’s mum has now branded Tasha her “daughter”.

  • MAFS viewers slam Georges’ ‘misogynistic’ behaviour

    Fans of the show couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows at Georges’ questionable comments.

  • Peggy’s sister is protective as she faces off with Georges

    Peggy’s sister branded Georges as “rude” as she caught him winking at someone whilst conversing with her.

    She went on to say: “I don’t know if he is Peggy’s prince charming, so I am not happy at all.”

  • Peggy’s sister isn’t impressed with George

    George’s new sister in law doesn’t look pleased as the groom corrected her pronunciation of his name.

    She dubbed him a “cheeky chappy,” but couldn’t help but frown.

  • Paul admits to Tasha that his mum isn’t happy about their marriage

    During their photoshoot, Paul revealed that his mum wasn’t pleased with the experiment.

    Much to Tasha’s surprise, who looked unimpressed.

  • Georges and Peggy lock lips at the altar

    The pair seem to have hit it off, with Georges admitting he has “struck gold”.

    Despite his kind words, he did add that he wanted to see her “t**ties” – but will Peggy appreciate his comments?

  • MAFS fans urge Peggy to jilt George at the altar

    Viewers were quick to slam the experts match of Peggy and George – with some wishing that they could warn Peggy.

  • Peggy stuns in glittering gown

    The blonde beauty looks amazing as she arrives in a horse and carriage.

    Ready for the big day, Peggy stuns as she sports a long veil and a princess-style gown.

  • MAFS fans are over the moon as Tasha and Paul are matched together

    It looks like the experts have made the perfect match.

    Well – viewers seem to think so.

  • Georges shocks fans as he makes vulgar comment about ‘fake’ breasts

    The groom to be admitted his preference is fake breasts and is hopeful that his bride will fulfil his type.

    He even described them as “cannons” and wonders if his wife-to-be is part of the “itty bitty titty committee”.

    MAFS fans were less than impressed.

  • Georges insists he is ‘genuine Georges’ on his wedding day

    Despite his cheeky antics, the groom to be insists he is on his best behaviour.

    Meanwhile, his pals seem less than convinced with one even admitting they worry about his lack of filter – uh-oh!

  • MAFS fans think Peggy looks just like a social media celebrity

    Viewers were quick to point out Peggy’s similar looks.

    They compared her to cleaning influencer, Mrs Hinch.

  • MAFS fans left in stitches as Peggy’s dad reacts to experiment

    Viewers flocked to social media to share their thoughts on the hilarious moment.

  • Peggy’s dad left speechless as she reveals her impending wedding day

    The 32-year-old could be seen near tears as she explained to her parents that she is taking part in the experiment.

    Much to Peggy’s dad’s surprise.

    He exclaimed: “B**locks you are!”

  • MAFS fans praise Tasha and Paul matching

    Viewers of the Channel 4 show were quick to swoon over the bride and groom to be.

  • Tasha opens up about her past toxic relationships

    The bride to be has admitted her past relationships have made it hard to “trust” people.

    Leeds based Tasha explained: “Trusting someone again is scary.

    “I want a guy to treat me with respect.”

  • MAFS viewers slam Georges’ cheeky antics

    Fans of the show were less than impressed by the star’s bravado.

  • MAFS fans left shocked as they discover Peggy’s age

    Viewers flocked to social media to share their thoughts.

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