Parents are obsessed with £10 travel accessory for flying with kids – so why have most airlines banned them?

FOR a long time, mums across the globe have been praising a finances-friendly journey gadget that would make traveling with youngsters a doddle.

Inspite of profitable above a great deal of families, the well known getaway product hasn’t curried favour with most airlines.


Inflatable vacation footrests can be purchased for significantly less than £10 on internet sites like Amazon and TemuCredit history: Airplane Pal

Inflatable journey footrests are massively well known amid mothers and fathers for the reason that they can lengthen a aircraft seat into a bed, creating it simpler for kids to get relaxed.

In a recent put up on Mumsnet, a person mum requested persons to share their very best hacks for building absolutely sure a toddler will get some shut-eye on a 9-hour flight.

On the thread, a single mum praised her inflatable journey pillow.

She wrote: “We applied the inflatable cubes on a 14-hour flight with our then 18-thirty day period-previous and our four-calendar year-previous.

“We had a row of three seats to ourselves with our toddler in the window, me in the center, and our 4-year-outdated in the aisle.

“The cabin crew appeared grateful I was making an attempt my most effective to continue to keep the youngsters tranquil and content.”

The mum explained that her toddler lay flat on the extended seat, although her older baby utilized the inflatable pillow as a footrest.

She reported: “My 4-12 months-previous significantly slept better with it than with no it.”

This just isn’t the first time that moms and dads have praised the vacation product.

Before this yr, a single mum posted a movie on TikTok the place she hailed the inflatable journey footrest as a “recreation-changer” for travelling with modest young children.

In the meantime, Australian mum Jaimie Anastas also raved about the product right after she flew from Sydney to Doha with her infant.

She shared her experience on Facebook where she wrote: “What do you get when you increase Airplane Pal (Hiding under the pillow) and a $5 Kmart animals mattress to you carry on? You get a pretty happy baby! Total guardian acquire in this article!”

Inflatable journey footrests can be bought for fewer than £10 on sites like Amazon and Temu.

Despite the praise from mother and father, the well known gadget is banned on most airlines.

British Airways, United, Qantas, and Qatar Airways are just some of the airlines that do not allow for inflatable footrests to be utilized.

The inflatable vacation footrest is banned on some airways for the reason that it could possibly impede an crisis exit.

This contains blocking accessibility to lifetime jackets and exits.

If you’re a father or mother who is pondering about traveling with an inflatable journey pillow/dice, then it truly is most effective to check out the airline’s web page.

In accordance to Flyaway, a brand that sells inflatable journey beds, airways like easyJet, Jet2, and KLM all accept the nifty gadget.

There are a handful of other other kid’s products that are also banned on flights way too, which include frozen breast milk.

The United kingdom governing administration web page states that frozen breast milk is not authorized on flights.

They wrote: “When travelling with a child, you’re authorized to get plenty of baby food items, child milk, and sterilised drinking water for the journey.

“There is no legal limit to how much you can take, even so, examine with your airport ahead of you vacation.

“You can carry breast milk in hand baggage, even if you are not travelling with a newborn, nonetheless, you simply cannot have frozen breast milk in hand luggage.”

Even though any medicine or healthcare tools that’s recommended by a health care provider is generally allowed in the cabin if it is accompanied by a observe, there are exceptions to this rule, together with restrictions on inhalers.

Even even though inhalers are allowed into the cabin, more canisters have to be packed into the keep.

Any toys that imitate weapons are banned – even if it can be not likely that they will result in any injury.

They can also get flagged at stability checks, primarily when heading as a result of X-ray machines.

1 flight attendant reported she saw a mum convey “three puppy beds” for her young children to use as pillows.

A further mum has revealed how she keeps her youngsters happy on flights with an item that charges just £3.

The inflatable travel footrest is banned on some airlines because it might obstruct an emergency exit


The inflatable travel footrest is banned on some airways mainly because it may well hinder an unexpected emergency exitCredit score: Getty

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