The 6 types of friends and how to get the most of out of them – from the school-gate mums to the oldest pal

MATES arrive in all sorts of flavours.

The function bestie is distinctive from your oldest mate, who you haven’t seen for… wow, has it really been a yr?

The Six Besties Theory explains that you don’t need one best friend, but several


The Six Besties Theory points out that you really don’t require one ideal pal, but quite a few

The 6 Besties Concept that went viral on TikTok saw person Alexandra Hayes Robinson (@Hellohayes) reveal that you don’t want a single very best friend, but many.

For illustration, you may well not phone the mate who loves a evening out for assist in a disaster, but you might lean on the one particular you know would pull you out of a mess with zero judgement.

“If we have an expectation that 1 friend is going to be ready to do anything for us, we may perhaps become upset,” states Gillian McMichael, a transformational coach.

“If you study to understand mates and what they can give you, you can have a reciprocal romance.” 

Do quantities make a difference?

In accordance to Professor Robin Dunbar, anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist at the College of Oxford, we can realistically keep 150 connections, but only 5 folks in our internal circle.

“We could phone these ‘shoulders to cry on friends’,” suggests Professor Dunbar.

“They’d fall everything to put you back on your feet when your environment falls aside.”

Then you have 15 a lot more folks you really feel emotionally attached to, and the remaining 130 you’d invite to a significant birthday bash or see fewer frequently – at a marriage, for case in point. 

It is all about prioritising

“Though it could look clear, it is critical to prioritise the friends that signify a ton to you,” indicates lifetime coach Hayley Forbes, who thinks buddies can suit in much more than one box.

Aim to make investments time in those people who elevate you up, not drag you down.

“When you come away from a conversation with another person and you experience better about by yourself, these are the sort of folks you want to encompass yourself with, relatively than friendships where by you connect more than gossip or negativity,” states Hayley.

6 Core Friends And How To Deal with Them

The Closest Good friend

Rewards: This friend will be there for you.

They know you and your earlier, building them fantastic at offering tips.

Your closest friendship is similar to a romantic relationship


Your closest friendship is related to a intimate partnershipCredit: PA

“In depth, it is related to a passionate connection,” states Professor Dunbar. 

NEGATIVES: They may perhaps be replaced around time, as “closeness” is subjective.

Preserve IT: Make confident your mate understands what they necessarily mean to you.

You could possibly not have time for a weekly meet-up, but you can check out in on a regular basis.

Consider sending them a voice notice on your lunch break, or make notes in your calendar when they have a massive function coming up, so you can send out them some like when they need to have it. 

The Previous Faculty Close friend

Rewards: You bonded about teenage angst and celeb crushes.

When you see them, it is like practically nothing has improved. 

NEGATIVES: It’s challenging to satisfy up, they may possibly have moved absent, or you simply don’t have as considerably in prevalent any more.

Keep IT: It’s essential not to blame any person if these friendships go peaceful.

“People are like planets,” Hayley clarifies.

“Sometimes they’ll go out of orbit, they may well arrive again, and they may not.”

Professor Dunbar says that if you’re experience lonely, achieving out could aid.

“They could be in the exact boat as you,” he says.

If you relate to a little something they write-up on social media, try out messaging: “I’d adore to capture up.” 

The School-Gate Friend

Advantages: Your life are very similar, generating it straightforward to chat.

“You’ve received a popular objective and probably very similar parental troubles,” states Gillian. 

NEGATIVES: “Years down the line, young children go their independent strategies, and the dad and mom stop observing every single other,” Professor Dunbar suggests.

Keep IT: When college drop-off and decide-up is nevertheless on the cards, keep in mind to speak about stuff other than your kids.

Over and above college, it’s all-natural to see this friendship drift.

“But it may survive if you do other pursuits,” Gillian claims.

Ask if they want to join you and your husband or wife on a double day, for instance, or on a vacation to the pub or a pet dog wander.

Owning an existing system places less pressure on them to pick a date and time.

If it’s not reciprocated, accept it and go on.

The Fantastic-Time Pal

Added benefits: Your spouse-in-crime, this good friend is normally up for dancing or a giggle more than cocktails. 

NEGATIVES: They may not be fascinated in acquiring major conversations.

Your partner-in-crime, this friend is always up for dancing or a laugh over cocktails


Your husband or wife-in-crime, this buddy is often up for dancing or a chuckle in excess of cocktailsCredit: Alamy

“Sometimes you halt having invited,” states Gillian.

“A lot of gals move on from these friendships, when they don’t want to go out drinking.” 

Preserve IT: A big evening out can however be pleasurable every now and all over again, but if you want to see your mate without the need of getting to do shots, try focusing on your have targets, whether that’s walking additional or setting up cooking classes.

Explain to your pal how significantly you get pleasure from these routines and invite them along.

“When you sense happier in by yourself, that is contagious,” says Hayley.

The Operate Friend

Advantages: Your function bestie may know additional about your every day lifestyle than your closest buddy, or even your husband or wife, as you bond around mutual do the job grievances. 

NEGATIVES: “It can be small-lived, especially if they move employment,” claims Gillian.

“Your passions outdoors of get the job done could be unique.”

Maintain IT: If you do have a shared desire, harness it – for illustration, signal up to ClassPass to take a look at new gym lessons.

There is nothing mistaken with possessing a mate you only see at work – it can be terrific for your operate/life balance.

But if you consider someone could be a crossover good friend, request them about for meal.

It does not have to be elaborate – they’ve observed you eat salads out of Tupperware for years, so a bowl of pasta will do!

The New Mate

Positive aspects: New buddies can assist you improve as a human being, featuring new perspectives.

You could have far more in frequent with someone you satisfy now than you did a 10 years in the past.

New friends can help you grow as a person, offering new perspectives


New buddies can assistance you grow as a human being, presenting new perspectivesCredit history: Getty

NEGATIVES: You won’t know if they are value your time for a while.

Sustain IT: Abide by up with a new likely close friend.

“I just returned from a retreat and the initially factor I did was voice take note most people I linked with and mentioned: ‘It was so amazing to fulfill you, let’s maintain in contact,’” suggests Hayley.

“Friendships will be fostered with some people today and not with some others.”

Test to not feel awkward about generating an work.

“What’s the worst that could come about?” suggests Hayley.

“Maybe that man or woman doesn’t have the self-confidence to text, but messaging them could change both equally your life.” 

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