Why you should avoid eating 16 hours before your flight – or risk ruining your holidays

TRAVELLERS should really rapidly for close to 12-16 hrs prior to and the day of your flight to keep away from jet lag, experts have claimed.

Not eating food over a extended period pauses your body clock – preventing jet lag, research has found.


You must only fast if you happen to be balanced or have information from a medical professionalCredit rating: Getty

It will come as AirAdvisor – a promises administration organization – dropped its top rated 5 ideas to aid your body minimise jet lag and journey tiredness.

Your entire body follows a 24-hour cycle which is intently aligned to the solar and the seasons.

Your circadian rhythm, also identified as your overall body clock, is affected by temperature, light, darkish and other aspects.

This impacts your body’s blood stress, temperature, hormone levels and glucose levels.

It’s critical to keep on leading of and preserve your circadian rhythm, specialists say.

Jet Lag is known to affect folks otherwise and signs and symptoms can array from head aches to digestive issues.

The experts wrote: “Signs and symptoms typically start out to ease the ‘rate of 1 working day for each time zone.'”

“So, if you are travelling throughout 3 time zones, you will have to have all around 3 days to get well.”

The reason jet lag indicators vary from individual to human being can be attributed to how a lot a individual has travelled or someone’s age.

These travelling eastwards are strike more durable with jet lag simply because they’re dropping time instead of gaining it, in accordance to professionals.

These are the other strategies suggested by journey professionals.

Start off shifting your slumber timetable

Before you jet off to your holiday vacation spot regulate your day-to-day slumber program so it matches the time zone of where by you are likely.

For instance, if you are travelling east think about heading to mattress 20 minutes later each and every day – if you’re travelling west go to mattress 20 minutes previously.

If modifying your sleeping pattern is not an possibility experts advise acquiring an uninterrupted night’s sleep at the very least 3 times in advance of you vacation.


You can change your circadian rhythm by exercising early in the working day or late at night time, a 2019 research located.

Training more intensely just before you travel releases dopamine and endorphins which will make you experience additional quiet and peaceful for your flight.

Rapidly right before you go

Fasting is an effective way to combat jet lag and was investigated by “Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Health-related Middle”.

Nonetheless, this is not medical tips and individuals really should only rapid if they are wholesome or have guidance from their doctor.

Set your clock to your new time zone

This is extra of a psychological hack but has proven to be powerful between athletes when they prepare to participate in activities in various time zones.

You can use applications like Timeshifter which can help build an action approach to lessen jet lag fatigue and pain.

Consider melatonin

Taking reduced doses of melatonin 30 minutes right before you go to slumber can support your system change, study implies.

You only will need to commence using the dietary supplements a few of times right before you journey.

Melatonin is by natural means developed by your physique as a response to darkness.

Constantly seek advice from your medical doctor before getting any dietary supplement.

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